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Terms & Conditions
1. General conditions

1.1 Shown prices
All prices includes Vat, without expenses of transport and possible discounts.

1.2 Invoicing
Every order will be emitted along with a shipping note, that can be used to grant the validity of the guarantee in the times and the modalities as the next step. When specifically required by the customer in phase of order an invoice will be emitted, replacing the shipping note.

1.3 Help
The customer service will be at your disposition from Monday to Friday from hours 9,00 to 12,30 and from 15,00 to 18,00, Saturday from 9,00 to 12,30, in order to guarantee a complete assistance before and after you've bought.

- Number +39 039835228 for international calls or from mobile.
- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1.4 Right of Withdrawal
VitorLineSport.it offers to its own customers the guarantee to be refunded when not satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the received goods, you will be allowed to send them back. You will be refunded as determined by current laws. Italian law (D.Lgs.n° 185/99) grant 10 days in order to use the right of withdrawal. Obtaining guarantee is simple, it's enough to follow the following procedure:
* Please send one registered letter A/R within 10 days from the reception of the goods to the address:


* In any case we suggest you to contact us as soon as possible by telephone: +39 039835228 (for international calls or from the cells). Our service is on from Monday to Friday from hours 9,00 to 12,30 and from 15,00 to 18,00 and Saturdays from hours 9,00 to 12.30.

* Products must be sent back integral, inserted in their own confection and complete in all their part (including documentation and accessories when available: handbook, cables, etc) and with an accurate packaging.
* Shipment fees for given back items are on the customer.
* Attention, products sent after the terms to our warehouse lacking in requirement won't be refunded.

In order to use right of withdrawal you will have to choose among one of the following possibilities:
- distribution of credit note: that you are asked to use within a year after its emission or it will be nullified
- Substitution of the goods

The goods once reached our warehouse, will come examined in order to estimate eventual damages or manumission not deriving from the transport.

1.5 Restitution goods
In all cases of restitution of the goods, transport fees are on the Customer. Except for the restitution of defective goods in guarantee in which case fees are on VitorLineSport.it.

2. Conditions of delivery

2.1 Places of Delivery
VitorLineSport.it carries out deliveries in Italy and all the other countries of the European union and the world.

Available couriers:

Courier changes depending on weight of the package and its destination.
The Staff di VitorLineSport.it reserves the faculty to send the goods with various courier for logistic requirements.

2.2 Times and modality of Delivery

ITALIAN POST with Paccocelere 3

The service for sending items and documents weighing up to 3 kg to any destination in Italy at a fixed price of 9.10 Euros.

VitorLineSport.it takes a workday for finding the goods, packaging, and the accomplishment of burocratic practicals. At this day you have to add the time taken by the courier for the delivery, times and ways may vary depending on the courier selected. Time of delivery does not include Saturday, Sunday and high days.

Now you can also consult the state of the delivery inserting the number of order in the appropriate space on:

2.3 Track&Trace

What to do when receiving the delivery
In order to be able to improve our service we ask you to control the conditions of packaging at the moment of the delivery.
In the event the package was not perfectly integral, please take with reservation, that is on the delivery bill clearly write this phrase “RECEIVED package With reservation beacause damaged”.
If the package is so seriously damaged to be sure the inner content is also damaged, please reject the goods asking clearly to affix on the bill the note “REFUSED GOODS damaged package”.
Please also verify the exact correspondence of the number of packets.

Any dispute must immediately be told to the carrier, otherwise the product will be considered delivered correctly.
The invoice or shipping note, contained in the appropriate pocket applied outside of the package must be conserved as valid document for the guarantee.

3. Modes of payment

3.1 Accepted Payments
VitorLineSport .it accepts these following modes of payment:

For deliveries carried out abroad
- Visa circuits and Mastercard
- Bank transfer
- Paypal

Payments by Credit card
Visa and Mastercard circuits includes Credit cards as for example: CartaSì and all the others that have logo Mastercard or Visa indicated on the card.

Choosing payment by credit card the registered person of the order is allowed to receive the goods to a different address from the previous one.

Payments by bank transfer
When paying by bank transfer the goods will be sent only once a verified accredit on our bank account.
Deposits from abroad Coordinated IBAN
- Registered person of the SILEO LORENZO
- IBAN co-ordinate IT68G0558432980000000002783
- BBAN co-ordinate G0558432980000000002783

The cause to write down bank transfer has to indicate: the number of the order, the name and the last name of ordering people.

As far as bank system works, the amount is accredited on the c/c of the beneficiary not before 3/5 workdays since the date it's realized.

Before paying, you are require to contact the Customer Service in order to verify the presence of the items you are interested in.

If within 8/10 days since the order we will not receive the payment, the order will be eliminated.